Royal Blue Who with Silver Dusting

Royal Blue Who with Silver Dusting



Who's are a little owl sculpture that I made in paper clay. The original is then used to make a silicone mold and then to cast in resin. Who's are about 1 ½ ” x 1 ¾ ” x 1 ⅞ ” in size and made of polyurethane resin with plastic eyes. Each Who comes in a special box- ready to be a present for yourself or another!

Who's are handmade one at at time. Because of that, each who has it’s own quirks and hand made marks. This includes such things as a seam line along the back, roughly finished bottom, chance of small bubbles or blips, and dust speckles. Each who is made with care and attention and only go out if I feel confident in them. I hope that if you bring home a Who it brings a bit of happiness to you, as they do me.


This who is a rich royal blue with silver dusting.

Please note that colors may appear different in person than on screen.


Please note I'll package up to two Who's or resin works a gift box. If you buy multiple resin pieces and would like them each in their own box, please let me know as a note in your order! Each gift box is hand stamped and a little different from each other and comes safely shipped in an outside box.

Please make sure you've read and understood all TOS.

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